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You and Art Therapy?

Sometimes it can be a challenge to find the words to express how we feel. Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy where art is the main way of communicating. It may be that the art does most of the ‘talking’ or it could be that your art provides a starting point to get a dialogue going.

At certain times in our lives we can end up feeling stuck in an emotional rut, seem to follow the same unfulfilling relationship patterns and wanting to change the way we feel but can’t quite find a way to do so. You may be struggling with anxiety, depression or the effects of other mental health issues.
Art therapy is a creative way of getting to know yourself better – helping to make changes in your life, find a way to face what is happening and develop your potential. 

Everybody has their own story to tell –  how we see ourselves and what has happened in our lives. Sometimes it can be helpful to explore – with the support of a therapist – who we are and who we'd like to be.

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