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Indoors or Outdoors

Indoor Art Therapy

You may be comfortable using art materials but don’t worry if you’re not– just come along with a willingness to try a different way of expressing what’s going on for you. You’ll be offered a choice of art materials. It may be that you come to the session with something specific you want to create but it is often the spontaneous creations that provide the greatest insight. We will sit together and consider what your art work means to you.

Your session is an opportunity to reflect, explore and use your imagination.
Often people bring their dreams into the sessions.

Each session lasts an hour and we will generally meet once a week.

Outdoor Art Therapy

We all recognise how being out in nature makes us feel better, but sometimes it can also be a good place to make sense of our inner world. With the outdoor sessions,
we work in ‘nearby’ nature i.e. parks and green spaces. I have a designated area in a park near Charlton but if there is a favourite green place you like to be in, it may be possible we can work there too. 

In the outdoor sessions you are invited to forage for natural materials and make art from what you have found. Part of the process is being able to walk and talk or sit and reflect – whichever you find most helpful. There are so many potent metaphors that nature can provide to support us to understand ourselves a little better. 

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